What happens when Kepler22b doesn’t get paid for a remix – music business name & shame



was asked to do a remix for a band that will remain unnamed, fee agreed, hardly a large one. remix delivered on time. In fact 3 versions were done & about 6 revisions of the final version. Also worth saying the original track was shit at best & contained some of the worst vocal parts I’ve ever heard.

Then comes the bullshit in large amounts. stringing me on for months tweaking things & the band spouting huge amounts of music business bullshit about who they know & what they are going to do & who their going to sign with. All very unlikely.

So I never got paid & cannot be bothered chasing anymore. Too much time wasted on them. So here is the last versions of the remix. One I liked & the one they wanted swimming in “more effects”.

Download the masters & see for yourself how shit it is.

For all the people who have had their time wasted by the music business.

Not like this was ever about the money I just hate time wasters & shit music